Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

The story of Whitehouse Presbyterian Church 1867-2017

Published in late 2017, Amazing Grace celebrates Whitehouse Presbyterian Church’s 150th anniversary, charting the Church’s development from it’s establishment in the mid-nineteeth century to the present day.

Having witnessed some of the most significant periods of history including the reign of Queen Victoria, the Great War and Northern Ireland’s Troubles, in recent years the church building survived a disastrous fire and later a near calamitous flood.

Award-winning journalist and author Alf McCreary tells the church’s remarkable story like a paperback adventure, accompanied by illustrations from the Church’s extensive archive and photgraphs by Dermott Dunbar which only add to the engaging narrative.

Copies of Amazing Grace are available for purchase at a cost of £10.00 via the Church office, which can be contacted on 028 90369852